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C-4 Unit Setting a New Record for Safe and Continuous Operation

Date:2020-09-16 Source: Author:系統管理員

As of 6:44 am, 26th April 2020(Islamabad, Pakistan), C-4 Unit at Chashma has been operated safely for a continuous period of 302 days, 4 hours and 17 minutes, which is the longest record for four units at the Chashma site during their own fuel cycle and is stricken by C-2 Unit during its 4th fuel cycle in the year 2016. C-4 Unit established the record for the past 20 years during its 2nd fuel cycle and ahead of the final acceptance. From that moment on, C-4 Unit is beating its own record every single day.

CZEC has built 4 units at Chashma in the past 30 years, Chashma site witnessed the increasing manufacturing and building capacity of China and the operation capacity of Pakistan, as well as the ever-closer cooperation among CNNC, CZEC and PAEC. CZEC will continue to help Pakistan with its O&M.