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President Xi: HPR1000 technology surely to be promoted to the world

Date:2020-09-16 Source: Author:系統管理員

On the local time of 4th December, China-Africa Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition was held jointly by Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the South African Ministry of Trade and Industry in Johannesburg. President Xi Jinping together with South African President Zuma visited the booth of CNNC, watched the 3D model of HPR1000, and learned about the technical characteristics and engineering construction of HPR1000. “This is our own technology, we will promote it to the world.”as President Xi introduced to President Zuma.


The Summit of China-Africa Cooperation Forum was held during the same period. President Xi and President Zuma presided over the summit together. Heads of state, heads of government, union representatives and heads of regional or multilateral organizations from more than 50 African countries attended the summit.

CNNC promoted its strength of whole nuclear industry chain in aspects of HPR1000, multi-purpose small modular reactor(ACP100), nuclear fuel and uranium deposits to Africa in order to show the industrial innovation and development of CNNC.